Case studies


French bank institution, Webserver infrastructure backup

Customer was looking for a secure and low cost solution to archive its Webportal database backups to an externalized site.

They choose Nuage Filer : the virtual NAS of flexible capacity from Nuage Labs. Nuage Filer bundled with Orange public object storage « Cloudwatt » cut the storage budget by 50% thanks to our « NO CAPEX » solution.

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Cahri, Primary storage of video content

Cahri had to build a Webportal that would webcast a large amount of videos for a private TV channel. They were looking for a way of doing it inside OVH public object storage service without requiring to integrate their object store API.

The installed Cloud Gateway on their Webserver and simply connected it to OVH public object store. Now the service behaves as a local NAS inside the Webserver infrastructure hosting the Website.

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Localeo, Primary storage of webserver sources and static data

Localeo has to store a growing amount of data gathered on behalf of its customers : french cities. Data are sensitive personal informations from citizens and have to be stored very securely.

Localeo chose Nuage Filer in order to get a flexible solution that would follow the growth of their requirements. They could benefit from public object storage without modifying their own services and with a true security policy as they are able to encrypt data by themselves before getting off premises.

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