Nuage Labs presentation

Nuage Labs is a French/American company founded in 2011 whose ambition is to offer a very innovative service improving existing Cloud storage services. Our products are mainly targeting SaaS software editors, SMEs and corporates.

Nuage Labs’s Cloud Gateway solution turns any public or private Cloud object storage service into a standard NAS volume with flexible capacity for a very affordable price. Our solution also solves typical Cloud storage issues (WAN access latency, security standards).

Our team is made up of young but seasoned professionals with over 10-year experience of the telecoms and Internet infrastructure sectors.

Nuage Labs elevator pitch

Nuage Labs enables read/write of existing Clients-Servers applications on any public or private Cloud (Amazon, IBM Softlayer, Azure, Scality etc.) and increases reliability of such storage mechanism thanks to its mirroring capacity towards a second instance of Cloud storage and advanced on-the-fly encryption features.

Without the use of a gateway such as ours it is technically impossible to store legacy applications on the Cloud.

Our solution can be seamlessly integrated into the client’s infrastructure (on a physical or a virtual machine) and therefore enables compatibility of any “file system” designed application with “object storage” (Cloud storage).

Our value proposition is to halve storage operational costs (which represent 70% of IT budget) and reduce by up to 50% physical storage infrastructure upfront investment.